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Girl who Fell from the Sky
W. Durrow, Heidi

'The Hidden Summer'
Phillips , Gin

13 reasons why
Asher, Jay

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Verne, Jules

2001: A Space Odyssey
Clarke, Arthur

3rd and Long
Holland, Robert

A Boy At War
Mazer, Harry

A Christmas Carol
Dickens, Charles

A Christmas Story
Shepherd, Jean

A Crooked Kind of Perfect
Urban, Linda

A Door Near Here
Quarles, Heather

A Drowned Maiden's Hair
Schlitz, Laura

A Family Secret
Heuvel, Eric

A Higher Call
Makos, Adam

A long Way Down
Hornby, Nick

A Long Way Gone: memoirs of a boy solider
Beah, Ishmael

A Mango Shaped Space
Mass, Wendy

A Monster Calls
Ness, Patrick

A Northern Light
Donnelly, Jennifer

A Separate Peace
Knowles, John

A Time For Dancing
Hurwin, Davida

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn
Smith, Betty

A Walk To Remember
Sparks, Nicholas

Kehret, Peg

Absolutely true diary of a part time indian
Alexie, Sherman

Across the Universe
Revis, Beth

Adios Nirvana
Wesselhoeft, Conrad

Efaw, Amy

After - Anna Todd
Todd, Anna

After -Todd
Todd, Anna

After Ever After
Sonnenblick, Jordan

Age 14
Spillebeen, Geert

Opal, Kenneth

Alice in the Know
Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
dodgson, Charles

All Quiet on the Western Front
Remarque, Erich

All These Things I've Done
Zevin, Gabrielle

Roth, Veronica

Almost Home
Bauer, Joan

Along for the Ride
Dessen, Sarah

American Born Chinese
Yang, Gene Luen

American Born Chinese Title_unique
Yang, Gene Luen

Among The Hidden
Peterson Haddix, Margaret

An Abundance of Katherines
Green, John

Anne of Green Gables
L. M., Montgomery

Bowler, Tim

around the world in 100 days
blackwod, gary

Artemis Fowl
Colfer, Eoin

Artemis Fowl The Eternity Code
Colfer, Eoin

At the Sign of the Star
Sturtevant, Katherine

Audrey, Wait!
Benway, Robin

McClintock, Norah

Back Home
Keller, Julia

Bad Girls dont die
Alender , Katie

Banksy Wall and Piece
, banksy

Banksy's Bristol: Home Sweet Home
Wright, Steve

Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000
Hubbard, L. Ron

Flinn, Alex

Beautiful Creatures
Garcia, Stohl, Kami, Margaret

Beautiful Darkness
Garcia + Stohl, Kami + Margaret

Because I Am Furniture
Chaltas, Thalia

Because of Mr. Terupt
Buyea, Rob

Before Ever After
Sotto, Samantha

Before I Fall
Oliver, Lauren

Westerfeld , Scott

Behind You
Woodson, Jacqueline

Berlin Game
Deighton, Len

Best Book in the world
Smith, Bob

Cast, P.C.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Ralston, Aron

Between the Lines
Picoult, Jodi

Beyond Belief
Hamilton, Josh

Big Mouth and Ugly Girl
Oates, Joyce Carol

Black Eyed Suzie
Shaw, Susan

Black Hawk Down
Bowden, Mark

Blood Beast
Shan, Darren

Blood Red Road
Young, Moira

Meaney, Flynn

Haddon, Mark

Boot Camp
Strasser, Todd

Born Too Short
Dan, Elish

Friend, Natasha

Boy 2 Girl
Blacker, Terence

Quick, Matthew

Boys Without Names
Sheth, Kashmira

Brand New Emily
Rue, Ginger

Ursu, Anne

Breaking Dawn
Meyer, Stephenie

Breathe a ghost story
McNish, Cliff

Bridge To Terabithia
Paterson, Katherine

Brooklyn Nine
Gratz, Alan

Bucking the Sarge
Curtis, Christopher

Flack, Sophie

Burn for Burn
Han, Jenny

By The Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead
Peters, Julie Ann

Can True Love Survive High School?
Standiford, Natalie

Can't Get There From Here
Strasser, Todd

Carpe Diem
Cornwell, Autumn

King, Stephen

Cat and Mouse
Patterson, James

Cat on a Hotties Tin Roof
Sateren, Shelley

Anderson, Laurie Halse

Catch A Falling Star
Culbertson, Kim

Catching Fire
Collins, Suzanne

Anderson, Laurie Halse

Charlies Raven
George, Jean

Chasing Brooklyn
Schroeder, Lisa

CHERUB: The Dealer
Muchamore, Robert

CHERUB:The recruit
Muchamore, Robert

Chew on This
Schlosser, Eric

Children of the Mind
Scott Card, Orson

Choosing Up Sides
Ritter, John

Circle the Soul Softly
Wills Hurwin, Davida

City of Ember
DuPrau, Jeanne

Clear and Present Danger
Clancy, Tom

Code Talker
Bruchac, Joseph

Color of Absence
Howe, James

Bodeen, S.A

Copper Sun
Draper, Sharon

Wiles, Deborah

Coy, John

Cruise Control
Trueman, Terry

McCormick, Patricia

Dairy Queen
Gilbert Murdock, Catherine

Daniel X:Watch The Skies
Patterson, James

Daniel;Half Human and The Good Nazi
Chotjewitz, David

Dawn of the Dreadfuls
Hockensmih, Steve

Day of Tears
Lester, Julius

Crutcher, Chris

Death Note
Obata, Takashi

Skurzynski, Gloria

Diary of a wimpy kid
Kinney, Jeff

Roth, Veronica

Wynne Jones, Diana

Down the Rabbit Hole
Abrahams, Peter

Dessen, Sarah

Papademetriouís, Lisa

Drop Shot
Coben, Harlan

Drums, Girls, & Dangerous Pie
Sonnenblick, Jordan

Eagle Strike
Horowitz, Anthony

Cowen, Jennifer

Meyers, Stephanie

elephant run
smith , Rolands

Eleven Seconds
Roy, Travis

Zevin, Gabrielle

Ender in Exile
Card, Orson Scott

Ender's Game
Card, Orson

Ender's Shadow
Card, Orson Scott

Paolini, Christopher

Erak's Ransom
Flanagan, John

Escaping the Giant Wave
Kehret, Peg

Eternal Eden
Williams, Nicole

Shusterman, Neil

Noel, Alyson

Evil Genius
Jinks, Catherine

Evil Star
Horrowitz, Anthony

Evolution, Me, & Other Freaks of Nature
Brande, Robin

Exploits of a Reluctant but Extremely Good Looking Hero
Fergus, Maureen

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
Safran Foer, Jonathan

Extremly Loud & Incredibly Close
Safran Foer, Jonathan

Eyes of the Emporer

Fahrenheit 451
Bradbury, Ray

Fallen Angels
Myers, Walter

Hopkins, Ellen

Tashjain, Janet

Fever 1793
Halse Anderson, Laurie

Fight Club
Palahniuk, Chuck

Klass, David

Sorells, Gary

First Step 2 Forever: My Story
Bieber, Justin

Flags of Our Fathers
Powers, Ron

Shepard , Sara

Draanen, Wendelin Van

Flowers for Algernon
Keyes, Daniel

Smith, Sherri L.

For Keeps
Friend, Natasha

Forever in Blue
Brashares, Ann

Foster's War
reeder, carolyn

Roth , Veronica

Boyce, Frank


Freaky Green Eyes
Oates, Joyce

Free fall
Scott, Mindi

Anhalt, Ariela

Freek Camp
Burt, Steve

Full Service
Weaver, Will

Fullmetal Alchemist: The Ties that Bind
Makoto, Inoue

Northrop, Michael

Ghost of Spirit Bear
Mikaelsen, Ben

Girl Stay in the Picture
De La Cruz, Melissa

Go Ask Alice
, Anonymous

Hautman, Peter

Westerfeld, Scott

Gossip Times Three
Koss, Amy Goldman

Grace, Gold, and Glory
Douglas , Gabrielle

Grave Mercy
LaFevers, Robin

Grimmalkin the Witch Assassin
Delaney, Joseph

Growing Up Gronk

Gym Candy
Deuker, Carl

Peterson, Margret

Half Brother
Oppel, Kenneth

Edmond, Stephen

Reinhardt, Dana

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Rowling, J.K

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Rowling, J.K.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Rowling, J.K.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Rowling, J.K.

Hate List
Brown, Jennifer

Haunted Sister
Littke, Lael

Head case
Aronson, Sarah

Head Games
mikulski, keri

Heart Of A Champion
Deuker, Carl

Heaven is for Real
Burpo, Todd

Heavier Than Heaven
Cross, Charles

Heavier Than Heaven: A Biography of Kurt Cobain
Cross, Charles

heavier then heaven
cross, richard

Here Lies Arthur
Reeve, Phillip

Lupica, Mike

Hex Hall
Hawkins , Rachel

Sachar, Louis

Dean Myers, Walter

Hiaasen, Carl

Lynch , Chris

How To Ruin Your Boyfriend's Reputation
Elkeles, Simone

How to Steal a Car
Hautman, Peter

Huckleberry Finn
Twain, Mark

Grant, Michael

Hunger Games
Collins, Suzanne

Hunger Games 1
Collins, Suzanne

DeSmyter, DJ

Donna, Jo Napoli

I Am Not Esther
Beale, Fleur

I Am Number Four
Pittacus, Lore

I Am the Cheese
Cormier, Robert

I Am the Messenger
Zusak, Markus

I Emma Freke
Atkinson, Elizabeth

I heart you, You haunt me
Shroeder, Lisa

I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd have to Kill You
Carter, Ally

Grant , Vicki

Smith, Roland

If a Tree Falls at Lunch Period
Choldenko, Gennifer

If I Stay
Forman, Gayle


Hopkins, Ellen

Fisher, Catherine

Paolini, Christopher

Inside Seal Team Six
Mann, Don

Roth, Veronica

Interstellar Pig
Sleator, William

Into the Storm
Anderson, Taylor

meyers, j.

Hautman, Pete

King, Stephen

It's a Mall World After All
Rallison, Janette

It's Not Summer Without You
Han, Jenny

It's Not You, It's Me
Cohen Hoffmann, Kerry

Its Not About The Bike
Armstrong, Lance

Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation
Myklusch, Matt

Jane Eyre
Bronte, Charlotte

Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life
Mass, Wendy

Ehrlich, Amy

Julie of the Wolves
George, Jean

Juliet Immortal
Jay, Stacey

Carbone, Elis

Jungle Force
Eldridge, Jim

Just Like Sisters
Gaeddert, Lou Ann

Just Like That
Qualey, Marsha

Just Listen
Dessen, Sarah

Just One Day
Foreman, Gayle

Peet, Mal

Keeping the Moon
Dessen, Sarah

Shepard, Sara

Killing Pablo
Bowden, Mark

Laguna Cove
Noel, Alyson

Patterson, James

Lamplighter: Monster Blood Tattoo
Cornish, D.M.

Lebron James
James, Lebron

Legacy of the Clockwork Key
Bailey, Kristen

Lessons From a Dead Girl
Knowles, Jo

Westerfeld, Scott

Richards, Keith

Life as We Knew it
Pheffer, Susan Beth

Glynn, Alan

Stiefvater, Maggie

Myers, Walter

Lockdown: Escape From The Furnace
Smith, Alexander

Lone Survivor
Luttrell, Marcus

Look Again
Scottline, Lisa

Looking for Alaska
Green, John

Lord of the Flies
Golding, William

Love and Lies
Wittlinger, Ellen

Lovely Bones
Sebold, Alice

Natasha, Friend

Making Movies
Lumet, Sidney

Mark of Athena
Riordan, Rick

Marley and Me
Grogan, John

Condie, Ally

Maximum Ride
Patterson, James

Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment
Patterson, James

Maximum Ride: The Final Warning
Patterson, James

Maze Runner
Dasher, James

Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac
Zevin, Gabrielle

Mercy, Unbound
Antieau, Kim

Midnighters, The Secret Hour
Westerfield, Scott

Mile 81
King, Stephen

Million Dollar Throw
Lupica, Mike

Miracle On 49th Street
Lupica, Mike

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
Riggs, Ransom

Mississippi Trial, 1955
Crowe, Chris

Erskine, Kathryn

Collins, Suzanne

Lewis, Michael

Dean Myers, Walter

Mostly Good Girls
Sales, Leila

Gilbert , Catherine

My Life in Black and White
Friend, Natasha

My Mother the Cheerleader
Sharenow, Robert

My Sisters Keeper
Picoult, Jodi

Patterson, James

New Moon
Meyer, Stephenie

No Right Turn
Trueman, Terry

North of Beautiful
Headley, Justina Chen

Notes from the Midnight Driver
Sonnenblick, Jordan

Nothing Is Private
Erian, Alicia

November Blues
Sharon, Draper

Now I Can Die In Peace
Simmons, Bill

Now You See Her
mitchard, jacquelyn

Ward, Rachel

Number The Stars
Lowry, Lois

On The Devils Court
Deuker, Carl

On The Run
Coleman, Michael

Once Was Lost
Zarr, Sara

Once We Were Brothers
Balson, Ronald H.

Op Center
Clancy, Tom

Ostrich Boys
Gray, Keith

Out of my Mind
Draper, Sharon

Palms To the Ground
Stolls, Amy

Draper, Sharon

Paper Trail

Parrot in the Oven
Martinez, Victor

Wittlinger, Ellen

Party Princess
Cabot, Meg

Payback Time
Deuker, Carl

Smith, Roland

Bauer , Joan

westerfeld, Scott

Pendragon The Rivers of Zaada
Machale, D.J.

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
Riordan, Rick

Percy Jackson and the Titan's Curse
Riordan, Rick

Friend, Natasha

Play The Mistakes
Palmer, Arnold

Point Blank
Horowitz, Anthony

Korman, Gordan

Poppy and Rye
AVI, avi

Westerfeld, Scott

Pretty Little Liars
Shepard, Sara

Private Peaceful
Morpurgo, Michael

Project Sweet Life
Hartinger, Brent

Halse Anderson, Laurie

Littman, Sarah

Quarantine: The Loners
Thomas, Lex

Quarantine: The Saints
Thomas, Lex

Rama Revealed
Arthur C. Clarke, Gentry Lee

Hautman, Pete

Rat Life
Arnold, Tedd

Raven's Gate
Horowitz, Anthony

Reality Check
Abrahams, Peter

Red Kayak
Cummings, Priscilla

Red Pyramid
Riordan, Rick

Red Storm Rising
Clancy, Tom

Red Storm Rising.
Clancy, Tom

Red Zone
Barber, Tiki

Jacques, Brian

Return To Me
Chen, Justina

Rise and fall of the Third reich
Shirer, William

River Boy
Bowlin, Tim

Romeo & Juliet
Shakespeare, William

Donoghue, Emma

Royal Ranger
Flanagan, John

Lord, Cynthia

Rules of Attraction
Elkeles, Simone

Rules of Survival
Werlin, Nancy

Run with the Horsemen
Sams, Ferrol

Cadnum, Michael

Newton, Robert

Runner - carl deuker
Deuker, Carl

Runner- Carl Deuker
Deuker, Carl

Running With the Reservoir Pups
Bateman, Colin

Shepard, Sara

Law, Ingrid

Say Goodnight, Gracie
Reece Deaver, Julie

Rainfield, Cheryl

Hiaasen, Carl

Korman, Gordon

Horrowitz, Anthony

Scorpia Rising
Horowitz, Anthony

Shulman, Mark

Second Helpings
Mccafferty, Megan

Nack, William

Secrets Can Kill
Keene, Carolyn

Calonita, Jen

Sees Behind Trees
Dorris, Michael

Seriously...I'm Kidding
Degeneres, Ellen

Seventeenth Summer
Daly, Maureen

Sh*t My Dad Says
Halpern, Justin

Shadows in Flight
Card, Orson Scott

Shaq Uncut
O' Neal, Shaquille

She's So Dead To Us
Scott, Kieran

Coben, Harlan

Ship Breaker
Bacigalupi , Paolo

Steifvater, Maggie

Shock Point
Henry, April

Myers, Walter Dean

Han, Jenny

Halpin, Brendan

Sing You Home
Picoult, Jodi

Skating Around the Law
Charbonneau, Joelle

Skeleton Man
Bruchac, Joseph

Cooner, Donna

Skulduggery Pleasant Dark Days
Landy, Derek

Skunk Works
Rich, Ben

Myers, Walter Dean

Slaughter House V
Vonnegut Jr., Kurt

Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie
Lubar, David

Potter, Ellen

Small Steps
Sacher , Louis

So B. It
Weeks, Sarah

So Much Closer
Colasanti, Susane

Someday, Someday Maybe
Graham , Lauren

Someone Like You
Dessen, Sarah

Something Like Fate
Colasanti, Susane

Anderson, Laurie

Speaker For The Dead
Scott Card, Orson

Westerfeld, Scott

Cocks, Heather

Stalker Girl
Graham, Rosemary

Spinelli, Jerry

Start Something That Matters
Mycoskie, Blake

Steve Jobs
Isaacson, Walter

stolen children
kehret, peg

Stolen Voices
Davidson, Ellen Dee

Stop Pretending
Sones, Sonya

Storm Tide
Jones, Kari

Horowitz, Anthony

Jones, Kari

Hesse, Karen

Stuck On Earth
Klass, David

Stupid Fast
Herbach, Geoff

Dunthorne, Joe

Such a Pretty FAce
Lamb, Cathy

Suicide Notes
Ford, Michael Thomas

Summer Ball
Lupica, Mike

Sunrise Over Fallujah
Myers, Walter Dean

Sunrise Over Fallujsh
Myers, Walter Dean

Zarr, Sara

Swim the Fly
Calame, Don

Malkin, Nina

Take It Like A Man
George, Boy

Bowman, Erin

Bloor, Edward

Teen, Inc.
Petrucha, Stefan

Tending to Grace
Fusco, Kimberly

Hinton, S.E.

That Summer
Dessen, Sarah

That was Then, Thisis now
Hinton, S.E.

The New Bill James Historical Abstact
James, Bill

The 5th Wave
Yancey, Rick

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
Alexie, Sherman

The Adamantine Palace
Deas, Stephen

The Adoration of Jenna Fox
Pearson, Mary E.

The Alcemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flemel
Scott, Michael Scott

The Alchemist
Coelho, Paulo

The art of Keeping cool
Lisle , Janet

The Awakening
Carroll, Michael

The Berlin Boxing Club
Sharenow, Robert

The Best Little Girl in the World
Levenkron, Steven

The Big Field
Lupica, Mike

The Big Juice "Epic Tales of Big Wave Surfing"
Long, George, John, Sam

The Big Time
Greene, Tim

The Blood Of Olympus
Riordan, Rick

The Bomb
Taylor, Theodore

The Book Thief
Zusak, Markus

The Boxer and The Spy
Parker, Robert

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
Boyne, John

The Boyfriend List
Lockhart, E.

The Buccaneers
Lawrence, Lain

The Bully
Langan, Paul

The Cannibals
Lawerence, Iain

The Catcher in the Rye
Salinger, J. D.

The City of Ember
DuPrau, Jeanne

The Color of Water
McBride, James

The Compound
Bodeen, S.A.

The Contender
Lipsyte, Robert

The Crossroads
Grabenstein, Chris

The Cupcake Queen
Hepler, Heather

The Dark and Hollow Places
Ryan, Carrie

The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin
Berk, Josh

The Dashwood Sisters' Secrets of Love
Rushton, Rosie

The Dating Game
Standiford, Natalie

The Dealer
Muchamore, Robert

The Death Cure
Dashner, James

The Diamond of Darkhold
DuPrau, Jeanne

The Disappearing Spoon
Kean, Sam

The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things
Mackler, Carolyn

The Enemy
Higson, Charlie

The Fall of Five
Lore, Pittacus

The Fallen
Higson, Charlie

The Fault In Our Stars
Green, John

The Fire Thief
Deary, Terry

The First Part Last
Johnson, Angela

The Forbidden Game
Smith, L.J.

The Forgotten 500
Freeman, Gregory

The Fountainhead
Rand, Ayn

The Future of Us
Asher, Mackler, Jay, Carolyn

The Game
Lowry, Lois

The Gathering of Old Men
Gaines, Ernst

the girl she use to be
Cristofano, David

The Girl with a Baby
Olsen, Sylvia

The Giver
Lowry, Lois

The Godfather
Puzo, Mario

The Golden Compass
Pullman, Phillip

The Green Mile
king, stephen

The Grey Seas Under
Mowat, Farley

The Hard Way
Child, Lee

The Hatchet
Paulson, Gary

The Help
Stockett, Kathryn

The Hidden Summer
Phillips , Gin

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Adams, Douglas

The Hobbit
Tolkien, J.R.R

The Hoopster
Sitomer, Alan

The House of Hades
Riordan, Rick

The house of the scorpion
Farmer, Nancy

The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Hugo, Victor

The Hunchback of Notre-Dame
Hugo, Victor

The Hunger Games
Collins, Suzanne

The Hunt For Red October
Clancy, Tom

The Intruders
Richardson, E.E.

The Island of the Blue Dolphins
O'dell, Scott

The Kill Order
Dashner, James

The Killer Angels
Shaara, Michael

The Kings of Clonmel
Flanagan, John

The Kneebone Boy
Potter, Ellen

The Knife of Never Letting Go
Ness, Patrick

The Last Apprentice
Delaney, Joseph

The Last Mall Rat
Esckilsen, Erik

The last Olympian
Riordan, Rick

The Last Song
Sparks, Nicholas

The Last Summer (of you and me)
Brashares, Ann

The Life of Glass
Cantor, Julian

The Light
MacHale, D.J.

The Lightning Thief
Riordan, Rick

The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe
Lewis, C.S.

The List
Vivian , Siobhan

the loevly bones
Sebold, Alice

The Lonely Hearts Club
Eulberg, Elizabeth

The Lord of the Rings the Fellowship of the Ring
Tolkien, J.R.R.

The Loser's Guide to Life and Love
Cannon, A. E

The Lost boy
Pelzer, David

The Lost Hero
Rordan, Rick

The Lost World
Crichton, Michael

The Lost Years o Merlin
Barron, T.A.

The Lost Years of Merlin
Barron, T.A.

The Lying Game
Shepard, Sara

The Lying Game: Seven Minutes In Heaven
Shepard, Sara

The Magician's Nephew
Lewis, C. S.

The Maze Runner

The Miracle Girls
Dayton, Anne

The Missing Girl
Mazer, Norma

The Name of the Star
Johnson, Maureen

The Name of the Wind
Rothfuss, Patrick

The Nazi Hunters
Bascomb, Neal

The Night She Disappeared
Henry, April

The Notebook
Sparks, Nicholas

The Old Man and The Sea
Hemingway, Ernest

The One O'Clock Chop
Fletcher, Ralph

The Outsiders
Hinton, S. E.

The Pact
Picoult, Jodi

The People of Sparks
DuPrau, Jeanne

The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Chbosky, Stephen

The Power of Six
Lore, Pittacus

The Prank
Ray Harris, Ashley

The Project
Falkner, Brian

The Prophecy of the Stones
Bujor, Flavia

the raft
Bodeen, S.A.

the rangers apprentice
flanagan, john

The Reckoning
Carroll, Michael

The Recruit
Muchamore, Robert

The Red Pyramid
Riordan, Rick

The Reminder
Michaels, Rune

The Revenge Of Seven
Lore, Pittacus

The rise of a star
Morgan JR, David lee

the rock and the river
magoon, kekla

The rules of survival
Werlin, Nancy

The Running Dream
Van Draanen, Wendelin

The Scorch Trials
Dashner, James

The Sea of Monsters
Riordan, Rick

The Second Summer of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Brashares, Ann

The Secret to Lying
Mitchell, Todd

The Seems
Wexler , Michael

The Shining
King, Stephen

The Silmarillion
Tolkien, J.R.R.

The Silver Child
McNish, Cliff

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Brashares, Ann

The Sociopath Next Door
Stout, PH.D., Martha

The Son Of Neptune
Riordian, Rick

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight
Smith, Jennifer E.

The Sum of All Fears
Clancy, Tom

The Summer I Turned Pretty
Han, Jenny

The Summoning
Armstrong, Kelly

The Survivors Club
Sherwoob, Ben

The Thief Lord
Funke, Cornelia Funke

The Thin Executioner
Shan, Darren

The Things a Brother Knows
Reinhardt, Dana

The Throne of Fire
Riordan, Rick

The Time Paradox
Colfer, Eoin

The Truth About Forever
Dessen, Sarah

The Vindico
king, wesely

The Wake of the Lorelei Lee
Meyer, L.A.

The Warrior's Heart
Greitens, Eric

The Westing Game
Raskin, Ellen

The Wings of Merlin
Barron, T. A.

The Xenocide Mission
Jeapes, Ben

The Young Elites
Lu, Marie

The Young Man And The Sea
Philbrick, Rodman

Theme Park Design
Alcorn, Steve

Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself
Alda, Alan

Third Reich at War
Evans, Richard

Myracle, Lauren

Thirteen Plus One
Myracle, Lauren

Thirteen Reasons Why
Asher, Jay

This Boy's Life
Wolff, Tobias

This Dark Endeavor: The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein
Oppel, Kenneth

This Is What I Did
Ellis, Anne Dee

This Lullaby
Dessen , Sarah

This World We Live in
Pfeffer, Susan Beth

Ties that Bind Ties that Break
Namioka, Lensey

Lore, Pittacus

To Kill a Mockingbird
Lee, Harper

top of the world
may, peter

Totally Joe
Howe, James

Touch Blue
Lord, Cynthia

Touching Spirit Bear
Mikealsen, Ben

Mulligan, Andy

Travel Team
Lupica, Mike

True Legend
Lupica, Mike

True Legend by Mike Lupica
Lupica, Mike

True Talents
Lubar, David

Gordon, Roderick

Meyer, Stephenie

Tyronne and Julie

Westerfeld, Scott

Umbrella Summer
Graff, Lisa

Shepard, Sara

Lupica, Mike

Korman, Gordon

Brody, Jessica

Cast, P.C.

Shusterman, Neil

Shusterman, Neal

Vampire Beach Bloodlust
Duval, Alex

Waiting For You
Colasanti, Susane

Shepard, Sara

Water for Elephants
Gruen, Sara

Dogar, Sharon

We'll Always Have Summer
Han, Jenny

What Happened To Goodbye
Dessen, Sarah

What If?
Cowley, Robert

when I Grow Up
Hatfield, Juliana

When It Happens
Colasanti, Susane

When You Reach Me
Stead, Rebecca

Wher You Are
Webber, Tammara

Where The Red Fern Grows
Rawls, Wilson

Wherever Nina Lies
Weingarten, Lynn

While I Live
Marsden, John

Fleischman, Paul

White Fang
London, Jack

Wicked Sweet
Marrell, Mar'ce

wide open
McGrath, jeremy

Anderson, Laurie Halse

Witch and Wizard
Patterson , James

Toft, Di

Howey, Hugh

World War Z
Brooks, Max

Would You
Jocelyn, Marthe

wow wow wubzy

Scott Card, Orson

Year of Wonder
Brooks, Geraldine

You Have Seven Messages
Lewis, Stewart

Zach's Lie
Smith, Roland

Zen and the Art of Faking it

Zig Zag
Wittlinger, Ellen

Zombie Rules
Anchord, David

Zombies vs. Unicorns
Larbalestier/Black, Justine/Holly